Cambridge 88 Initiative event


Graduate Union
17 Mill Lane
Cambridge, CB2 1RX


Monday, 30 June 2014 from 15:00 to 18:00 (PDT)


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Three directors of 88 Initiative shall be giving speech on the day. For those who are interested in joining the programme there are also limited spaces for one-to-one meeting after the event. Please fill in the online application form here and submit a CV and we look forward to meeting you on the day 



毕业季我们都面临着同样的问题:我在英国完成我的学业呢后该怎么办?找一份理想的工作,或自己创业呢?大多数尝试创业或开始了创业的人都明白,要成为一个成功的企业家必将经历一段极具孤独和挑战性的旅程。当创业成功到来时,这一切都是值得的。这次活动,商业大师将为大家介绍一个全新的创业工作模式。 该项目旨在帮助未来的中国年轻企业家从创新型英国公司获得实践管理经验,同时通过这个项目定居在英国。 这个项目所涉的英国公司,已经从风险投资公司获得投资,并获得了孵化基地和科技园大力支持。这确保了这个项目中的公司已经有一个经验丰富的管理团队和投资团队,并且能够很好地培养中国的青年企业家。 商业大师们希望通过这个项目,帮助在英国的有抱负的中国人才走上一个成功的创业生涯。

We all face the same question: what do I do in the UK after finishing my studies? Find a job, or start a small business? Most of the people who have started a business or at least tried to, they all understand that becoming an entrepreneur can involve a lonely, challenging and risky journey. The thrill and reward that comes along with success may indeed make all the pain worthwhile. In this session, a new option will be introduced: the 88 Future Entrepreneur programme for young Chinese completing their education in the UK, or already employed by local companies. The programme aims to help future entrepreneurs develop hands-on management experience with innovative UK companies and to settle in the UK. This programme involves with UK companies that already have existing investments from Venture Capital firms, established ‘angel’ networks, or close support from established Incubators and science parks. This ensures that the companies already have in place an experienced management team and investors that can support our young entrepreneurs. The speakers recognise a smoother and progressive start – with some assistance – could benefit many ambitious and talented people launch their business careers more effectively. With this in mind we have created this programme to help aspiring Chinese talent embark on an entrepreneurial career in the UK with all the confidence and support they need.


Sir Richard Heygate

中国青年是连接英中市场的桥梁. Sir Richard Heygate在IBM的银行部开始了他的职业生涯。在那里他帮助安装首批英国线上网络。他为Lloyds银行领导研发了世界上第一台自动柜员机。在10年麦肯锡的作为合伙人期间,他曾参与3高科技项目启动。
Young Chinese are The Bridge to China Market. Started his corporate career in IBM’s Banking Division, where he helped install the first on-line networks in the UK. He led the project which developed the world’s first ATM for Lloyds Bank After spending 10 years as a partner at McKinsey he has been involved in 3 high tech start up’s and one involved in creating a China UK investment vehicle and networking group. He is very active in the new business venture space and occasional speaker and “Dragon”.

Ivan Hoo

我的创业之路 从剑桥大学毕业后,Ivan在一个VC投资的生物技术公司开始他的创业生涯。该技术是基于蜜蜂的训练来检测爆炸物和毒品。这可以说是世界上最敏感的嗅探器。Ivan于2013年,至今从事过各种项目,包括可以治疗子宫内膜异位症而引起不孕不育的医疗器械. 这一个崭新的技术比现有的技术更安全,更高效率而更低成本
Entrepreneurial Career and What That Means in Practice Straight after graduating from Cambridge, Ivan started his entrepreneurial career running a VC backed biotechnology company. The technology is based on the training of honeybees to detect explosives and drugs. It is arguably the most sensitive sniffing device in the world. He left when VC money dried up in 2013 and has since worked on various projects including a medical device that can treat infertility caused by Endometriosis at a fraction of cost to existing technology. Ivan is a Malaysian born entrepreneur who is passionate about photography and technology

Dr. Rob Wylie

在中小型企业工作的价值 一个慈善机构)的董事会成员,这个机构致力于促进当地的实际能源解决方案,减少碳排放,保护环境,减少贫困和改善人民生活。 Rob活跃在多个行业中,同时是英国政府和大学顾问委员会的积极参与者
Value of Working in Small Business Co-founder and Chairman of WHEB, a sustainability focused multi-asset class investment firm with around €400m under management. A chemist with an MA and PhD from the University of Cambridge. He is on the development board of The Ashden, a charity that promotes practical local energy solutions that cut carbon, protect the environment, reduce poverty and improve people’s lives as well as trustee of his own family charity that works in partnership with Kids Company to help disadvantaged children in London. Rob has been an active participant on numerous industry, UK government and university advisory boards.

Organised by CSSA Cambridge