The Company

 The company has created a very important technique for use during cancer operations. Currently, tissue samples are taken during operations, then sent to laboratories to check whether all cancer cells have been eliminated. Unfortunately in between 25% and 75% of treatments, cancer remains and grows again. A further operation is needed, bringing the patient uncertainty, worry and raising hospital costs. The companies new device can analyse tissue DURING the operation, then indicate where new surgery is necessary. It thus has then potential for much greater patient care and saving many lives.


The 88 Investor

Our investor already has a background in the healthcare sector and good family and other contacts in in the industry. They have opted for a part time role in the companies management team with specific responsibility for finding a Chinese partner for the important task of registering the product, organizing surgeon trials at a top hospital and setting up marketing and distribution. 88’s role has been to introduce them to the CEO and their team and facilitate the investment/visa process

Young entrepreneurial Chinese is the bridge to China

Sir Richard Heygate