88 experience to date with young entrepreneurs suggests that many lack experience of the UK business and investment community and would like to learn more, as well as receive regular personal support and guidance on other aspects of career building and education. To create a top quality ”One Stop Shop” service, we have partnered with the following in the UK and China:


Together with Professor Alan Barrell, Entrepreneur in Residence at Judge Business School, Cambridge, we have created a number of alternate courses for both young entrepreneurs and company investors. Professor Barrell has lived in China, is an honorary professor at several universities there and already is the leading expert on running Summer Schools and seminars for Chinese. He is also a well known entrepreneur and mentor and has agreed to provide personal help to 88 entrepreneurs. In addition, we have created strong partnerships and associate offices in Shanghai and Beijing as follows

Partnering with Shanghai and London based TNT Partners in the following areas:


  1. Talent Assessment and talent screening
  2. Total solutions for improving and experience shaping professional competence
  3. Internship placement in top companies and organizations in UK or Europe
  4. Technology transfer

Partnering with Beijing based education company GYDO on Summer Schools at Cambridge and other education for young entrepreneurs

Partnering with Shanghai based company, INVAGLO, on technology interchange and services for young China based entrepreneurs