How much does this cost me?

There are no direct charges for our Future Entrepreneurs. The 88 Initiative only charges companies for its services. By joining our programme you will need to qualify for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. If you need a visa there is a cost of £6000. This is payable to our legal partner. They will deal with all the paperwork and background checks to assist you in getting your Tier 1 Visa. They will also handle the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check during the investment stage.

Do I need to live in the UK (or China) to participate in this programme?

This programme is to encourage entrepreneurially minded Chinese individuals to join an established UK business as a committed team member. Your role in the business will be to build the company with the management team and assist in increasing its market presence in China. As a guide only, we estimate that the job will usually require 70% time spend in the UK and 30% in China.

I am interested in investing in one of these companies but do not want to involve in the running of the business, is that possible?

The 88 Future Entrepreneur Programme was created to help budding Chinese entrepreneurs to learn about business while helping innovative UK companies develop their presence in the Chinese market. The companies who join the programme are primarily looking for people like you! However, if you are looking for investment-only opportunities please do contact us. We have good connections with to venture stage companies in the UK. We can help introduce you to the right opportunity.

What support does 88 initiative provide to the Future Entrepreneurs?

Once you are enrolled into the programme as a Future Entrepreneur and joined one of these companies, the 88 Initiative will provide ongoing support to both you and the business – the better entrepreneur you are… the better it is for us. The range of support includes regular workshops in London and informal mentorship by one of the experienced entrepreneurs in our network. We are evolving the programme through feedback from all concerned: we welcome all suggestions from our Future Entrepreneurs as to what additional support they feel would be of benefit.

I don’t need a visa, how do I apply?

Getting a Tier 1 Entrepreneurship visa is not vital to the programme. We provide the service as a means to allow those who do need one get involved in a UK business. If you do not need a visa, you will still need to meet the other criteria to be eligible. When you fill your application form, please state that you do not need a visa.