General Pool


If you have visited our specific opportunities but found no relevant match, then you are welcome to join our general application pool by selecting the sectors of your choice, fill in the form and share with us your latest CV. We will then look into our network and suggest suitable introductions.

The companies we work with are at early stage, growth stage. In other words – their technology, business model, market are proven in the UK/Europe and now needing to expand into overseas market – i.e. China. These companies are not too big so your contribution will be noticed and valued; they are not too small either so that you will be working in a well supported environment to start off an entrepreneurial career. Visit ‘How we help UK companies’ to understand how you could contribute to these companies.

Because 88 Initiative is well connected to the Venture Capital firms in the UK (and Europe!), once you are enrolled into the general pool, we will share your CV with our venture capital partners to find out if any of their portfolio companies would be interested to have an entrepreneurial candidate (you!) to join their management team. We then sit down with the CEO of the company to understand his China market entry strategy. If the match is suitable, then depending on your experience we will work out with the CEO a defined project. Most likely this would be business development or project management for the China market. However, for the more technically equipped candidate do not worry that your skills will be underused – many founders, management team of a venture stage companies wear several hats – the technical you will find that your technics background will come in very handy.


There are two different sectors in whichwe operate


Technology companies in the five sectors most in demand in China: life sciences & healthcare, Cleantech, New materials, TMT and Advanced manufacturing.The UK is one of the leading countries in thespecific areasof innovation in whichChina is set to invest most heavily (according to the 12th Five Years Plan).

Innovative UK brand & retail companies with consumer products, brands, and fashion. This is proving a popular sector for Chinese investors right now due to explosive growth in the domestic consumer sector and the attraction of UK based “Heritage” brand associations and marketing techniques.

* Above sectors are divided into many sub-sectors, and some overlapping one and another. For example, a software that has environmental benefits would operate within TMT and cleantech. When you fill in your application, do state clearly and specifically what you are interested in. There are further guidance if you click on each sector. If unsure, always feel free to contact us and we shall guide you through the process. Your application form is read by people who understand business, not by software algorithm, so there is no right or wrong about the selection but clarity will help us to identify the right opportunity for you.

Type of business we work with

88 Initiative works exclusively with growth stage companies that have been vested by the UK top performing venture capital firms or angels group. At this stage the business model, product, technology have been proven in the home market and the company is ‘China ready’.

Read more about the company selection criterion