How we help Chinese entrepreneurs

Most of us have started a business…or at least tried to!We understand that becomingan entrepreneur can involve a lonely, challenging and risky journey. Thethrill and reward that comes along with success may indeed makeall the pain worthwhile. At the 88 initiative however we recognise a smoother and progressive start – with some assistance -could benefit many ambitious and talented people launch their business careers more effectively. With this in mind we have created thisprogramme to help aspiring Chinese talent embark on an entrepreneurial career in the UK with all the confidence and support they need.

The 88 Initiative works with UK companies that already have existing investments from Venture Capital firms, established ‘angel’networks, or close support from established Incubators and science parks. This ensures that the companies already have in placean experienced managementteam and investors that can support our young entrepreneurs. We have sat down with the CEO – of each of our candidate companies – to discuss their business;and particularly the skills they need as part of their China market-entry strategy. This means that our Chinese entrepreneurswill join abusiness with a defined project along with measurable goals. They will report to senior management…in many cases the CEO directly. Often this meansa project management role, or one as a strategist assisting the management team to build its business. It is expected that the entrepreneur will be instrumental in developingthe China market.

The performance of our Chinese entrepreneurs isour top priority. The 88 initiative regularly holds workshops to provide them with tools, techniquesand knowledge to help thembuild a successful business.  The more successful you are… the better it is for us and for our clients. We will constantly listen to your feedback as to what support is required.

These are the general criteriawe are looking for:-

  • Entrepreneurial attitude – enterprising, sensible, ‘Can Do!’ character;
  • Investment- have the capability to meet the basic financial and investment requirements of the Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa scheme under the UKBA rules;
  • Contacts- useful business contacts/networks in China

Well supported entrepreneurial career

Work with experienced management teams

88 workshops and mentorship