The 88 Initiative provides introduction services designed to match entrepreneurially-minded Chinese to UK venture stage companies.

These early, growth stage companies are sourced from top performing UK Venture Capital firms, science parks and trusted angel networks. Typically they will have an excellent management teams already in place and are well funded to develop the UK and broader European market. When it comes to China, however, they are often lacking both contacts and knowledge of the local culture. This hampers their efforts to enter the China market.

More than a standard recruitment service, the 88 Initiative works with fast growing companies to identify the skills they need to access the Chinese market. Then, through using its network of well educated and highly skilled Chinese entrepreneurs the 88 initiative will seek to the right entrepreneur to join the company. These entrepreneurs will join the company with the desired skills to grow the business in China and will also invest a minimum of £200,000 as part of the requirement of Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa scheme set by the UKBA. Our unique approach ensures that the UK company gains a invaluable team member that shares the same vision in growing the business in China. The Chinese entrepreneur, in turn, will embark on an incredible start to their entrepreneurial career with the support of experienced management team and investors.