Our portfolio is based on identifying Investment in a UK company alongside existing private and Venture Capital investors, who have carried out extensive due diligence already and created a trading record. Two types of product/company are considered;

Intellectual property created through to UK University R&D or entrepreneurs. Typically this goes through a 5 stage development process – Laboratory discovery; commercial prototyping; regulatory approval; local market development; international market development. Each of these phases is usually associated with separate fund raising. Because of the long timescales and high risk, we intend to focus on Stage 4 companies, who have now run short of further funding for market development but have products of major interest for China and other South East Asian markets. Our focus is on products set out in the 5 year plans, such as healthcare, clean technology, environmental services, agriculture, advanced manufacturing etc.

UK/EEC brands that have potential in China. The China mass middle market for consumer goods is now going through explosive growth. The most recent trend is to brand locally manufactured products with UK heritage branding – for example, the recent purchase of House of Fraser for this purpose. Opportunities occur with long established brands have now run out of money due to the small size of the UK market. There are also opportunities in originally well known UK brands that have become dormant, and are now being revived by UK entrepreneurs. Our focus is on brands with major consumer potential in SEA, such as Children’s wear, wine, education, fashion etc.