Future Entrepreneur Programme is designed to match highly skilled young Chinese professionals/entrepreneurs to promising technology venture stage companies in the UK. These companies with great products and experienced management teams are backed by top performing venture capital firms. China is a big market and source of capital but often these companies do not have the skills and knowledge to enter China. Therefore they work with 88 Initiative to identify candidates with the right skills, to join the company with a minimum investment of £200,000  (as part of the requirement of Tier 1 Entrepreneurship visa) and employed on a minimum one year contract often as a project manager to help the company to develop its China market strategy. If the candidate performs well during the one year employment, it is expected that the employment can continues and it is also expected the candidate will be instrumental in spear heading the business in China.

Candidates who are interested are welcomed to apply. You can filed your application as General Pool or Specific Opportunities. For general, you would list out the sectors you are interested in (potentially with relevant experience) and we will speak to the portfolio companies of our Venture Capital partners to make the match. Specific applications are for the specific opportunities that are listed out on our website. Please apply under the specific application if you are interested and have the matching skills.

These are the general criterion we are looking for 

  • Have the relevant contacts in China;
  • Have the capability of investing at least £200,000;
  • have the ambition and interest in working for the business and fulfil the tasks set out in the job description;
  • ability to obtain the required visa and work permits;
  • Have adequate written and speaking skills in English


General pool

General pool is for the qualifying candidates who want to explore a range of companies within selected sectors. If you are such candidate visit here for more information

Specific opportunities

Specific opportunities are for qualifying candidates who are interested in the listed company with matching skills for the job. Visit here for those opportunities

Application form

The application form is straightforward to fill in. Please read through the programme to understand if you meet our criterion and decide if you want to join the general pool or specific opportunity