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Weedingtech produces innovative herbicide-free weed control systems. Headquartered in London, the company currently provides weed control solutions for the amenity and utility markets throughout Europe. Within the next couple of years Weedingtech will also provide weed control solutions for agricultural and viticulture markets.

As far back as the early 1990s, the founders, Ben Goldsmith and family, were concerned by the growing body of evidence linking excessive use of traditional chemical herbicides to damage to delicate ecosystems, contamination of water tables, and alarmingly, birth defects and cancers.

They felt certain they could develop a commercially viable alternative and working in conjunction with Cambridge University’s Department of Plant Sciences, eventually arrived at a patented system which uses foam and hot water to kill weeds.

Since then, the company has enjoyed rapid growth backed with investment from Roman Abramovich’sclean technology organisationErvington Investments, venture capitalist Jon Moulton and the prestigious Low Carbon Innovation Fund. Facing more and more restrictive legislation around herbicide use, organisations need help, which is why Weedingtech developed Foamstream.


Mike Lamb

Mike Lamb


Mike has headed up the Benelux subsidiary of a major UK material handling equipment company and was CEO of the German subsidiary of a US owned crane manufacturing business with overall responsibility for Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a turnover of > 300 mio. He has also been involved in a start-up business in the aerial work platform sector (AWPs) for European markets. He has been involved with Weeding Tech since late 2012 and is leading the company through the initial start-up phase in a sector using new technology but in which the regulatory pressures across Europe are opening ever more opportunities.



Weedingtech investors

Business Development Manager - click to read job description

Business Development Manager

The role will initially focus on preparing a market entry strategy for Weedingtech’s products in The People’s Republic of China.  It will also focus on managing the relationship with Weedingtech’s domestic product manufacturer, in Jiaxing.  Longer term this role has the potential to develop into a senior position in the company.

Roles and Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage sales territories within China for all Weedingtech product lines
  • Act as liaison between Weedingtech’s Chinese manufacturers and Weedingtech
  • Day to day management of Chinese supply chain and factory in Jiaxing China
  • Liaise with Chinese investors to manage expectations and identify new investment opportunities
  • Work on other adhoc projects with Weedingtech UK team
  • Identify other opportunity areas within China
  • Manage all approvals / Foamstream approval processes within China to remove all barriers to sale
  • Understand any certifications / approvals required to work sell Weedingtech products into China and arrange them
  • Work with central office to assist building Weedingtech business and execute on company plans

Travel Patterns

  • The role is based in West London, England.  The successful candidate will need to be domiciled close enough to the office to commute there.  Weedingtech will not cover living expenses.
  • The successful candidate will be expected to travel around Europe on some occasions.
  • The successful candidate is also envisaged to travel to China once a quarter for a few days.  The company will cover all travel costs.

Desired Extras

  • Experience in a small business
  • Very good verbal and written English
  • Keen to get involved in ad-hoc projects and activities
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a self-starter
  • Commitment if successful to spend at least 3 years with the company

Reports to

The successful candidate will report to Leo de Montaignac, the company COO.

* The candidate needs to meet the basic financial and investment requirements of the Tier 1 Entrepreneurship Visa scheme under the UKBA rules. 

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